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제목[라이팅] MTH #8 Midnight on the Moon2019-03-16

Jack and Annie had to set out on the magic tree house to find four special things that would free Morgan, because she was under a spell. With the help of a little mouse named Peanut, they found three things for three journeys, one after another. Those things started with the letter M just like Morgan.

When Jack and Annie climbed up into the tree house, Peanut set on an open book 'Hello, Moon'. Three of them went to the moon to find the last thing.

The tree house had landed inside the moon base built in the year 2031, where space scientists eat and sleep as they visit the moon for short periods.

Jack and Annie wore spacesuits from storeroom. They were able to see see-through visors and to talk to each other through two-way radios inside their helmets.

Leaving Peanut in the moon base, they stepped out onto the moon.

Footprints were everywhere, because the moon has no rain or wind so footprints will never wear away naturally.

Jack stared at the ink-black sky and a lovely blue-and-white ball glowing far away, the Earth, but the moon has a colorless, barren place and was still as a picture.

Stepping they felt lighter as if feather. A weight is one-six the Earth because of the moon's low gravity and lack of air.

They had to find faster on the moon because the air tank worked 2 hours. Then they found 'moon buggy' parking in the crater and steered it because there were no roads on the moon, or stoplights, or policemen either.

There were neither green, blue, and red colors, nor water, trees, and clouds. Only giant gray rocks and craters existed, and they came across an American flag that had been placed since the frist astronauts landed on the moon. Like the men, Jack and Annie also left their massage to stand for all children, saying that the first kids came from the planet Earth in peace for all children.

Returning to the moon base, a giant rock called meteorite had fallen into the narrow pass, being stuck between two walls of rock. They was backing up and leaping steps toward the meteorite and flew through space over it. They fell facedown into dust behind it and couldn't stand up.

At that time appeared Moon man, he helped them and gave a note where drawn stars seemed to be space map. Jack and Annie expected that to be the last thing.

When they were coming to the moon base, they knew the map was wrong, so they try to draw all the stars connected like a constellation. It was a mouse.

Just then Peanut was standing on the M curved on floor in the tree house. The mouse changed to Morgan, as soon as the spell broke.

Even though the spell could have broken the minute they arrived, Jack and Annie left the moon base without realizing that. But the moon man had stopped by the moon base while Jack and Annie were out. Morgan always helped them same way during their all journeys. Certain wise ones understood the language of little creature, she said.

When all of them came back to Pennsylvania, Jack asked Morgan if she come back soon here. She answered that anything could happen.

On their way home, Jack thought about what Morgan had told him, "The universe is filled with wonders."

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