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제목[라이팅] MTH #4 Pirates Past Noon 2019-03-16

In the after noon, It was rain. Jack and Annie wanted to go to the three house. With raincoats and rainboots, They charged into the rainy wind and reach under the oak tree. They saw the house tucked between two branches. It looked lonely.
Annie climbed up the rode ladder first. Jack followed. She found a book with cover pictured a green parrot sitting in a palm tree and a ship sailing on blue sea. She showed Jack it. And wished. A parrot same the book squacwked "Too late!" Tree house spined and the book took them the time of pirates.

Jack and Annie saw a scene like a book. Palm trees, blue sea, a ship were there. The parrot called Polly was too.  Jack took off his raincoats and went into water. Annie already wade into water. The water is warm and clear. They saw a ship coming to shore. It had a black flag in skull and cross bones. Jack studied his book. Its tilte is Pirates of the Carribean.

A boat came from the ship. Jack and Annie hurried to tree house. Annie successfully went into it, but Jack could't. He forgot the Pirate book opened on the sand. He managed to bring it  back but He was captured by three men. Annie couldn't go to home without him. So Annie climbed down the tree and was captured too.

Three men were pirates. They had knives in their teeth and pistols on their belt. One of them was Cap'n Bones, the other were his men. They were finding kidd's treasure and gold. They poked about Jack's back and tree house. but they found many books only except gold medallion. He asked them where they could find treasure. But they didn't know. Pirates threw Jack and Annie into their boat and took them their ship. They studied pirates book into a ship. They knew kidd's treasure buried under the island. The book said 'The gold doth lie beneath the whale’s eye'. Annie saw the island look like a whale.

They said to Bones the place where was treasure. Three pirates and They returned to island in Gale’s a-blowin. Jack and Annie tell them kidd's treasure was under the black rock. Bones's dogs pulled the rock and dug with shovel. Bones didn't help them. He was unkind. The wind blew more. Two pirates worked very hard. So Bones threw gold medalion in front of them. It fell down into a hole pirates dug. Just then Polly came back. She squawked "Go back!" over and over. Working two pirates considered her as an omen. they thought she warned them. finally They ran into their boat. Bones followed them unwillngly. In fact Polly said to Jack and Annie. Annie went into the tree house right away. Jack picked up the gold medallion and saw the kidd's treasure.  Jack was curious about it but the weather was so bad he left the time of pirates.
Jack and Annie went back theire time.

They saw Polly perching on the books. Polly turned a woman. She was Morgan le Fay. They was so suprised. She told them she was a Pteranodone, the knight , a black cat and Polly in a diffrent time. She was a enchantress and an libarain. She came Jack's age to collect many books. Jack handed gold medallion to her. She told them the reason why they could take a magic trip. And Gone her time. After tree house had gone Jack knew something ine his pocket. Annie was sure they could meet her again. Looking around shimmering thing in the woods, they walked to their home.

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