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제목[라이팅] mth#1-6 Dinosaur Valley2019-03-16

Jack called to Annie to show her the medallion he had picked up.
but Annie wasn&apost paying attention to Jack. Because Annie was busy picking a flower from the magnolia tree.
Annie went to the other side hill.
For a moment he heard Annie shriek.
Jack raced up the hill.
The valley below was filled with nests and tiny dinosaurs.
Annie was crouching next to one of the nests.
and right next to a gigantic duck-billed dinosuar was standing over Annie.
Jack told Annie not to panic and to move slowly.
Jack was trying to approach Annie on the hill.
The duck-billed dinosaur followed Annie.
Jack told Annie to move toward Jack and to crwal.
Jack went Annie until he was just an arm&aposs distance from Annie.
He pulled Annie toward him.
He told Annie to bow her head and to pretend to chew.
Because Jack read how to deal with animal threats.
That was the dinosaur grew quiet.
And then after Jack checkout their safe.
Jack told Annie that there was always a mother beside her babies.
Annie listened to Jack and stood up.
and Annie apolized to the Anatosaurus .
She told the Anatosaurus she was warried about her babies.
Ane then Annie held out her magnolia flower to the dinosaur.
And Annie hurried up the hill to feeding more flower to dinosaur.
Jack studied the Anatosauruses book.
Annie was trying to be friend with Anatosuruses. But suddenly the Anatosaurus made her terrible tuba sound and ran away down the hill.
Jack looked around.
He saw an enormous ugly monster.
The monster coming across the plain, walking on two big legs,and swinging a long, thick tail, and danling two tiny arms.
He was Tyrannosaurus rex!


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