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chapter 6 Mystery Man

Plato and Jack hurried past the crowd standing at the side of the race track
Plato had the best seats that were next to the judges in the Olympic
He led Jack through the crowd and up the steps to their seats
They had a great view
Jack sighed as he watched the parade going around the track
That's because he saw alone without Annie
A long time ago, It wasn't allowed that the girl or woman attend the gym, Especially the ancient Olympic of Greek
He thought she would really love this.

Jack saw the athletes of foot race runners, boxers and wrestlers
Then Jack saw a soldier staring up at him from the sidelines
The soldier wore a long cape, a red-crested helmet that covered most of his face
But something was strange, he was very short
Suddenly, a small hand came out from the soldier's cape.
The hand gave a little wave
Jack gasped. It was Annie's hand waving

- Where was Jack?
Jack was in the gym of ancient Olympic of Greek

- Was Jack with Annie?
NO, He was with Plato, not Annie
Annie couldn't be with Jack, because a girl or woman couldn't attend the Olympic Games of the ancient Greek

- Why did Jack grasp when he saw the soldier?
Because the soldier dressed up like a soldier
But He wasn't a soldier, it was Annie!!!


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