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제목[라이팅] MTH #17 Tonight on the Titanic_22019-03-16

MTH #17 Tonight on the Titanic_2

Jack and Annie moved to somewhere by the magic tree house and Jack shivered when he opened his eyes

They was dressed like old-fashioned kids

They wondered where there was and when they were there

They found they were in ship because the tree house tucked between two giant smokestacks and Jack could see the front of the ship

They were in a ship, Titanic in 1912

They didn't know the ship's name yet

Personally, I thought I could meet the Leonardo DiCaprio in this story like a fool

I watched the movie, Titanic , with my friend at the center front seat in movie theater when I went university

It is one of my favorite movies and actors


Jack heard a grinding sound scraping against the mountain of ice

Jack hurried to read the book

They found out ship's name was Titanic sank with lots of people

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