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제목[라이팅] Magie tree house #5 Chapter3,42019-03-30

Chapter 3

the tree house was in a tree with white flowers and nearby a wild stream rushed downhill.

two ninjas were standing on rocks near the water.

one ninja was tall and the other was short.

they wore all black clothes and strapped the swords to their backs.

both jack and annie crouched below the window. then jack read the ninja book.

ninja lived in japan the 14th and 17the centuries and they fought to protect their families.

jack and annie were in japan, hundreds of years ago.

the ninjas noticed they hided in the tree house.

so they were looking for the book about pennlvania.

but it is not anywhere!

the ninjas climed up the tree like a cats.

jack and annie huddled in a corner.

the ninjas climbed into the tree house.

Chapter 4

the ninjas stared at jack and annie with piercing eyes.

jack was in horro, but annie was not.

annie stepped up to them and said help our friend,morgan.

she handed morgan's note to the ninjas.

they looked at it, then short ninjas put the note into the pocket of his shirts.

they were still not talking.

as they pointed at jack and annie, let them down the ladder.

the ninjas climed down the ladder without using their feets.

jack looked for the book about pennlvania agian.

annie wanted go with the ninjas.

she started down the ladder.

jack still wanted go back the home, but he couldn't go.

jack started down the ladder with ninja book as well.

the mouse peeked out from annie sweatshirt pouch.

annid whispered we would take care of you.

they reached in the rushing water of the wide stream.

the short ninja pushed them toward the stream.

the ninjas stepped crossing the stream.

jack and annie stepped into the water.

they both screamed it was the coldest water.

they couldn't step anymore in the water.

the ninjas came back to them.

the ninjas lifted jack and annie high into the air and put them on their shoulders.

the ninjas moved through the stream.


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