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제목[라이팅] MTH #1-3. Where is Here?2019-03-16
MTH #1-3. Where is Here?

Everything was absolutely still, Jack and Annie opened their eyes, and looked around outside.

They noticed that were exactly the same-outside sight and the picture in the dinosaur book.

They said

“Where is here?” “And how we landed here?” “What happened to us?”

“At first, I wish I could see a Pteranodon for real~” “And then we saw the Pteranodon~”

“Then the wind got loud, the house started spinning~” “And we landed here~”

Jack didn't believe that this situation is real.

But Annie understood very easily.

She said “It’s real. Also the Pteranodon is real. Okay?”

Annie wanted to speak and ask for him where they are.

Jacked studied his book and found the chapter that has a caption about a Pteranodon.

And he realized they landed at this moment in a time 65 million years ago.

During Jack understood this fact, Annie started down the ground. She went to the monster.

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