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제목[라이팅] MTH #1 / 6, 7, 8, 9, 102019-03-16

Chaper 6.

Annie found nests which made out of mud and filled with baby dinosaurs.
That's not all, though. Mama dinosaure standing over her

Jack remember what you do if a mean dog follers at you. They expressed that don't want to hurt you
The misunderstanding between Annie and Mama diosaure. Annie gave her the flowers.

When they were starting to be friends. Suddenly Mama dionosaure made terrible sound and gone away

Annie wonder why she ran away. Jack looked araound.

He founds something terrible.

Tyranosaurus rax.

Chaper 7.

Annie and Jack back to the tree house.
Then they made a wishto back to the home. Buy nothing happen

Annie remember when Jack made a wish. He was looking at a picture .
Where is the book.

Jack left thebook and pack on the hill
So he went to go to bring his pack. He ran to his pack and took them.

But the way to the tree house.
There was Tyranosaurus

Chaper 8.

Jack hide behind the magnolia tree. He thought and thought.
The Tyranosaurus had wandered closer to the hill.

Then Jack saw that Annie down the ladder and somethubg talking to the Pteranodon.
Jack whispered "Go"

Suddenly Tyranosaurus noticed Jack amd coming toward him
In a same time the Pteranodon coming straight for Jack

Chaper 9.

The Pteranodon down to the ground. Jack eased down onto the his back.
It was amazing.
Jack arrived in safety to the tree house.

But It's not finish
Ugly dionosaurus was heading toward him.

Jack and Annie tried to find the book about  Pennsylvania.
Fianlly they got the book and made a wish with picture of the Frog Creek woods.

Then the tree house started to spin.
And then everything was still

Chaper 10.

They had reached the Frog Creek Woods. Mam called them.
Still Jack couldn't belive that trip in magic tree house

But Jack had a gold medallion from the dinosaur land

Jack and Annie leaved the tree house and talked.

Maybe nobody belive their story.

They had plan to visit th tree house tomorrow=============

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