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Setup Menus in Admin Panel

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제목[라이팅] MTH # 3-6 The writing on the wall2019-03-16

Jack and Annie studied the writing on the wall. There were four tiny pictures. They started describing them to the ghost queen.
The first thing looked like stairs. Jack made zigzag in the air.
The second picture had a long box on the bottom and three lines on the top. The queen looked puzzled. Jack described more and he said that it looked like a boat. She seemed to realize.
The next looked like a thing holds flowers or water. “Does it look like a jug?” Asked the queen. Exactly.
The last one looked like a curved stick. She seemed puzzled again. She thought it means a folded cloth. Jack drew the pictures on his note book for her to see them. Stairs, a boat, a jug, a folded cloth.
She seemed to know what the pictures mean.

Be like VS look like
Be like 일반적, 성격 묘사
Look like 외향묘사

What is Peter like? 피터 어때?
Answer he is nice.
What does he look like? 피터 어때?
Answer he is tall. He is handsome.


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Setup Menus in Admin Panel