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제목[라이팅] Magic tree house #1 chapter 3, 42019-03-30

3. Where is here?
Jack looked out the window.
The world outside and the world in the picture - they were exactly the same.
The ground was covered with ferns and tall grass.
A sloping hill and volcanoes in the distance.

The Pteranodon was standing at the base of the oak tree.
Jack looked down at the book. He read the words under the picture of Pteranodon : This flying reptile lived in the Cretaceous period. It vanished 65 million years ago.

They couldn&apost have landed in a time 65 million years ago.
"Jack, I can tell. Let&aposs go down and talk to him." said Annie.
Annie dropped to the ground and stepped boldly up to the ancient creature.

4. Henry
Jack gasped as Annie held out her hand.
She was always trying to make friends with animals. But this was going too far.

Annie touched the Pteranodon&aposs crest.
She stroked his neck. She was talking to him.
Jack would go down too.
Take notes. Like a scientist.
When he got to the ground, Jack was only a few feet away from the creature.
The creature&aposs eyes were bright and alert.
"He feels like Henry. Don&apost think, Jack. Just do it." said Annie.
He put out his arm. Very cautiously. He brushed his hand down the creature&aposs neck.
A thin layer of fuzz covered the Pteranodon&aposs skin.
Jack pulled out a pencil and a notebook. He wrote : fuzzy skin.

Jack looked at the Pteranodon again.
The creature had a bony crest on top of his head.
"He&aposs very smart. I can feel it." said Annie.
"His brain&aposs probably no bigger than a bean." said Jack.
He wrote in his notebook : small brain?
The creature tilted his head.

"Do you know where we are, Henry?" she asked softly.
The Pteranodon fixed his eyes on Annie. His long jaws were opening and closing.
Jack wrote in his notebook : mouth like scissors?

"Did we come to a time long ago, Henry? Is this a place fro long ago?" Suddenly she gasped.
He looked up.
Annie was pointing toward the hill. On top stood a huge dinosaur!


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