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제목[라이팅] Magie tree house #6 Chapter52019-03-30

they escaped from the ants, floating canoe in the river.

but where the canoe was going.

jack pull the book of river out and flip to the page that a picture of river.

the amozon river more than 4000 thousand miles long.

they were in amozon.

when annie put her hand into the river, she found the bule fish which was pretty with sharp teeth.

jack thought it must be a piranhas!

they would be better go back on shore.

they decided to grab the vine when they floated under some vines,

jack grab it.

jack so screamed that it was a snake.

the snakes started to fell from the trees into the river.

they set their plan that they would make the paddles using the branches.

it was crocodile!

it moved past the canoe.

they jumped saying help.

all they saw in sight ,a small monkey was hanging by its tail from the tree .

i think it would be help to them.


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